Mindfield Film Festival 2018 / Winner!

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Photo Credit: Andrea Damarco nel ruolo di Ebalo di Challant

MINDFIELD FILM FESTIVAL, ALBUQUERQUE – WINNER 2018 Siamo orgogliosi di annunciare che l’episodio pilota di “Gorchlach: The Legend of Cordelia” ha vinto ben due “Gold Awards” Best Director e Best Series Pilot nella Bi-Monthly Competition del  “Mindfield Film Festival 2018” di Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA! Siamo davvero onorati!
Congratulations on being an Award Winner of Mindfield Film Festival‘s Bi-Monthly Competition! This is such a great pilot! Both you and Charles E. Pellissier did an incredible job at writing this. This is due to the awesome job you did at directing. An excellent cast of actors made for believable scenes. The Cinematography was quite beautiful. The shots were perfect in my opinion. The editing complimented the Cinematography with smooth transitions. The Score is perfect at matching the genre. Great work, Fabio!

Aaron G., Festival Director

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