• Gorchlach

    The legend of Cordelia

    The first fantasy historical adventure fiction set between past and present, reality and legend. A unique adventure that will take you to discover the dark secrets of an ancient esoteric amulet with arcane name, the “Gorchlach”.

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    All the actors

    The characters of this adventure between past and present come to life through our actors. Each role has its importance and gives contribution to achieve this dream.


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    The beating heart of every cinematographic project is made of the people behind the camera and backstage. Here, all the professionals involved.


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    Blogging, news, extras, press reviews and photo galleries: there’s much more in “Gorchlach” backstage.

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Gorchlach: the legend of Cordelia is a fantasy historical / adventure fiction, living between past and present, reality and legend, created and directed by Fabio Cento.

Taking as reference models the saga of “Indiana Jones” and “National Treasures”, it is entirely set in the Alps between France and Italy, and tells the story of the “Gorchlach”, mysterious object with arcane name and uncertain fate.

An ancient artifact of Celtic Origin, witness of the passing of the ages among the mountains and fulcrum of the articulated plot, the “Gorchlach” will lead the two protagonists Guglielmo Corsaris (Federico Mariotti) and Rachel Blackwood (Alice Lussiana Parente), into a journey that will take them to discover secrets that have been hidden for centuries and only considered as legends.
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